This game was created using KorGE (an  in-development game engine, pure Kotlin)  intending to show the engine power and capabilities. It was fun to create this project, I hope it's fun for you too.

Its mechanics are inspired by bomberman and asteroids, and the color palette and some assets by ninja gaiden.


SOUND EFFECTS only available on the downloadable version, DOWNLOAD the game to enjoy a full experience, however is recommended to play it first on the browser.

Code: (I had forgotten to make it public 🤦‍♂️, it's public now)


Framework: KorGE 1.13.2

Text editor/IDE: IntelliJ

Art Tool: Aseprite

Audio tool: Audacity


Music: SoundCloud, Freee Music Archive

Install instructions

You should have Java installed to execute the JVM version.


parasite-jvm.jar 23 MB


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I think sound effects are available now in the browser version, too.

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😮 Really? Did you compare it with the JVM version? The music is working on JS but the sound fx aren't.